Is Vancouver The Best City to Live and Study English?

There are lots of cities in the world where English is the first language. But why is Vancouver the best option? According to an annual global survey, Vancouver has once again chosen as among the 10 most “livable” cities in the world.
Now, let’s think about the main reason why people study English. It is to be able to communicate with people that speak other languages!
Vancouver is the best city to live since it has great cultural diversity so you can learn English and make friends from many different parts of the world. Every year Canada receives thousands of people from all over the world and you can interact with different cultures and nationalities here in Vancouver.
Also, something very interesting about the people that are born and raised in Vancouver, is that they often have mixed heritages. Multiculturalism is amazing in Vancouver. Besides learning English, you can also learn about different cultures and meet diverse people from all over the world. Most people in Canada are Immigrants and can understand the struggles that people go through when travelling or moving to another country.

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