Admission Policy

Implementation Date: March 1st 2015Date of last Revision: February 1st, 2016

Position Responsible:  Registrar and Academic Director  

Cloud Nine College is committed to providing accurate information and guidance to prospective students to ensure they make informed decisions about their program of study. Cloud Nine College’s admission criteria are well publicized and applied consistently.  Entry assessment tools and admission requirements ensure students have the required language competencies (see Language Proficiency Assessment Policy), and the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve program outcomes.  Admission requirements may not be waived by either the student or Cloud Nine College Vancouver. 

Students are provided with the following policies before entering into any contract, including a Letter of Acceptance or student enrollment contract:

  • a. Tuition and Refund Policy
  • b. Dispute Resolution/Grade Appeal Policy
  • c. Withdrawal Policy
  • d. Dismissal Policy
  • e. Admissions Policy
  • f. Attendance Policy
  • g. Program Outline
  • h. Language Proficiency Assessment Policy



1) Students or agents submit the application form available online and through partner agencies. Cloud Nine College policies and procedures are made available to the students as part of the application.

2) Cloud Nine College Vancouver receives the application for and confirms with the student and agent that the application has been received within 24 hours on weekdays and Monday mornings if the application was submitted during the weekend.  An invoice will be issued for the agent or student.

3) Once a registration fee ($150CAN) has been paid, Cloud Nine College issues a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and the student’s information is entered into the database.  The LOA is issued within 24 hours on weekdays and Monday morning if the payment was submitted during the weekend.

4) When needed students will apply for their visa and once a visa has been issued students/agents will inform Cloud Nine College of their flight information confirmation and be issued a start date.   For students who have paid in full but their visa was not successful, a full refund will be issued minus the $150 Canadian dollar application fee.   Refunds are reimbursed in the same manner as the payment was originally received (cash for cash, credit card for credit card, wire transfer for wire transfer) and processed within a week of official confirmation from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate being submitted to Cloud Nine College.

5) Custodian letters are issued for students under the legal age.   Parents must sign intake day forms in care the minor.

6) Students who have submitted their confirmed flight schedule and have requested a homestay will be issued a Family profile and confirmation of airport pick-up when needed.

7) Student’s first day at Cloud Nine College Vancouver.   Intake, students submit their passport and health insurance to be copied, added to their paper file, scanned to the database and returned to the student during the orientation

8) Students take the mandatory placement test.

9) Orientation:  upon completion of the placement test and while the test is being graded students are introduced to Cloud Nine College Vancouver’s policies and procedures and must sign intake day papers.

10) Students are placed into their classes for the afternoon.   Walking tours are provided for large intake days instead of direct placement into the afternoon class.  For smaller intake days a walking tour is offered after the classes at 3:15.

11) Copies of the MP3 speaking test and the student handbook are sent to students by the Head Teacher on their first day of studies.

12) Each student at Cloud Nine College Vancouver will sit with the Academic Director and together they will create an Individualised Learning Plan (“ILP”) assisting students to set goals and objectives while studying at Cloud Nine College.   The ILP is created during the student’s second week and shared with their current teacher.

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