Business English

In the modern world of international business, it is essential to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and partners internationally. To this end, our Business English course covers such vital topics as competitive marketing, negotiation, leadership, presentations, and cross-cultural etiquette, as well as specific skills like interviewing, CV writing, and tele-conferencing. You’ll work with classmates on case studies and action projects to gain essential skills and insights, and build the confidence to excel in this competitive global marketplace.

Afternoon Elective classes
While the morning classes integrate a number of skills, our afternoon elective classes focus on specific skills, so our students can target the areas they need to improve the most. With elective options such as Power Speaking, Descriptive Writing, Active Listening, Grammar for Life, Vibrant Vocabulary and Daily Idioms, students can target the areas they need the most, bringing a balance of skills that they can use to support and strengthen their English. At each level of proficiency, students are offered different elective choices to match and complement their growing abilities, allowing each individual to tailor their experience at Cloud Nine College to perfectly suit their language needs and goals.

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