Professional Sales Certificate

Program Overview

The Professional Sales Co-op Certificate program is designed to develop the skills necessary to thrive in the fast-paced environment of sales and customer service. The program will provide graduates with industry knowledge and skills that they can immediately utilize in today’s sales arena.

Our goal is to ensure that students acquire the skill sets that are in demand and the knowledge necessary to become a successful sales professional. During the Co-op work experience, a required part of the program, students will obtain practical industry knowledge and skills relevant to the learning objectives of the program. The PSCC program will pave the way for meaningful employment post graduation.

*Professional Sales Co-op Certificate was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Program Highlights

  • Led by industry professionals who work in sales management, customer service and technical sales, students will be ‘job-ready’ upon graduation.
  • This hands-on program will provide opportunities to work with real-world clients.
  • Develops critical thinking, communication, and data-driven analytical skills that leading businesses are searching for.
  • Students will gain confidence, learn how to apply sales techniques and convert leads into sales, plan account strategies, identify customer needs, and how to build team relationships that result in superior customer value.

Co-Op Work Experience

The paid Co-Op work experience is an essential part of the CNC Hotel and Restaurant Management programs. The successful completion of the co-op work term is required for graduation. Co-Op work experience not only gives students first-hand exposure to industry while they study, but also enables them to become more employable upon graduation. The CNC Co-Op Coordinator will work with students to find a suitable work opportunity to gain valuable, on-the-job experience working in their respective field.

The programs culminate with a capstone course that consolidates academic and applied learning and gives the opportunity for the students to demonstrate their learning gained during the program.

Career Occupation

NOC CodeJob Title
6421Retail salespersons
6411Sales and Account Representative
6551Customer services representatives – financial institutions
0651Manager in Customer Service and Personnel services
6221Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade
1122Professional occupations in business management
0124Sales and Marketing Manager
0601Corporate Sales Manager
6553Other customer and information services
0651Manager in Customer Service and Personnel services

Program Duration

93 weeks (854 instructional hours + 840 Co-op hours) = 1694 total instructional hours
93 weeks = 82 weeks instruction and 11 weeks of break

Admission Requirements

Grade 12 (equivalent) / GED / Mature Student Status*

*Mature students are people who have been out of full-time formal education for at least 4 years and can demonstrate needed academic potential through a range of achievements and life experiences beyond academics.

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS 5.5, OR
  • iBT TOEFL 70, OR
  • Successful completion of Cloud Nine College English language program B2 OR
  • Cloud Nine College English Language Testing B2

Program Start Date

March 2, 2020 / May 18, 2020 / August 3, 2020 / October 19, 2020 / January 4, 2021

Course Descriptions 

Course CodeCoursesTotal Hours
Term 1
SLS 171

Professional Sales and Customer Service Practices

This course is the first of 3 courses (SLS 171, 181, 192) designed to teach students how to sell effectively within the business environment. Through lecture and an extensive use of case studies, role-plays, industry videos and applied assignments, student will gain the necessary foundation. Topics include a view of the sales in an information economy, models and evolution of sales, ethics, sales strategies, communication styles, product solutions and consumer behavior. Customer service instruction will be provided through 3 online courses; Foundations of Customer Service, Service for All and Foundation for Workplace Safety.
COM 101

Inter-personal Communication in an Inter-cultural Business Context

This course provides students with important knowledge and skills necessary for success in a business context. The initial component of the course focuses on building an understanding of the role of self-knowledge and perception in interpersonal communication. Based on this, students will learn and practice listening and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The latter part of the course will focus on conflict resolution, and relationships. Throughout the course an emphasis will be placed on intercultural and inter-gender communication. Teaching and learning will be highly experiential.
BUS 140

Canadian and International Marketing Strategies

This course provides students with a foundation in marketing, with an international emphasis. Course components included, an introduction to marketing principles and processes, market research, planning marketing campaigns, and the use of eCommerce. Students will carry out both a market research project and complete a marketing plan.
BUS 190

The Canadian Job Search Skills and Strategies I

This course provides students with an understanding of the Canadian job search process and gives them the opportunity to gain the skills and develop tools. Students will do self-assessment, create a career/job search plan, network in their field and create a resume. In BUS 191 students will build upon this foundation. BUS 190 has half the number of instructional hours as other courses.
Term 2
SLS 181

Advanced Professional Sales

Building upon the foundation provided through SLS 171 students will learn about and practice steps in the sales cycle including prospecting, approaching, determining customer needs, presentation preparation & delivery, negotiation, closing and servicing customers. This will be done through lecture and an extensive use of case studies, roleplays, industry videos, applied assignments and a multi-step sales management project
SLS 192

Social Media and Technology Enhanced Sales

This course will introduce students to the use of Microsoft Office, online collaborative tools, and sales-specific computer systems used in sales activities. The course will also provide students with some depth in social media marketing strategy and use.
BUS 191

The Canadian Job Search Skills and Strategies II

Building upon BUS 190, this course engages students in carrying out a job search strategy, customizing a job application, and interviewing for a position. The course will also prepare students for negotiating/accepting a job offer, and beginning a new position
Term 3
SLS 195

Co-op Placement

A requirement of the Professional Sales Certificate program, this course is intended to give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and apply their learning from the program of study. Working with the Co-op Coordinator and BUS 191 instructor students will seek and obtain a Co-op work placement in their field of study. After completing and signing a Co-op Agreement, student will begin their Co-op work placement. Apart from completing the required number of Co-op work hours and the duties outlined by the employer, students must complete a monthly report that asks them to report and reflect on their work experience. These required reports will be used as a starting point in their BUS 198 Capstone course.
Term 4
BUS 198

Capstone Course

This course marks the end point of the student’s program of study. It provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon both on their Co-op work placement and their entire program of study. Guided by questions and building upon written reflections produced during their Co-op course, students will write and present a final Capstone Report.

Program Organization

110-668 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 3K4