Once Cloud Nine College Vancouver has received payment of your fees and details of your flight information (arrival date, time, airline, and flight number) we then need approximately two weeks to find your homestay family. We will then provide you with the name of your host family, their address and telephone number, a short description of the family highlighting some of their interests and the emergency contact number for the host family coordinator.
Cloud Nine College Vancouver is just minutes away from three major Skytrain stations and we are close to many major bus routes. As a result your host family will only be 20 to 45 minutes and you can travel with ease by bus, Skytrain or even seabus. You can study in busy downtown but relax and enjoy the quiet of suburban life at night.
If you have chosen to get airport pick-up, one of our homestay staff members will be there waiting for you. If your flight is delayed, you must call Carolina. Her contact number is on the host family information page you receive before you depart for Vancouver.
You can arrive anytime in the week before you start class (most students arrive on the weekend) and don’t worry about coming late at night. A member of the homestay staff will be there to take you to your new homestay family.
Yes. Cloud Nine College Vancouver has free wireless internet that students can use to log on to the internet. Host family’s will provide you with their passwords for the wifi when you arrive at your new home.
Vancouver has Canada’s best weather. In the summer it is sunny, and hot but because we are next to the ocean it is never too hot. The temperature is between 20-30 degrees. It really is perfect. Winter is also very warm and the temperature rarely drops below zero degrees. This season, while warm, is also known as the rainy season but the rain is not heavy it is just a slow constant drizzle. Vancouverites buy an umbrella and enjoy knowing that they won’t have to shovel any snow but minutes away from downtown in the mountains we do get snow for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing so it really is the best place to live!
The night-life in Vancouver is enjoyable and safe. There are many nightclubs, pubs or bars to meet your need and taste. For those that want to do something other than drinking Vancouver has movie theatres, live music, bowling and a coffee shop on almost every corner.
If you are applying for a student visa, you should apply to Cloud Nine College 6-8 weeks before you plan to start studying. Processing your visa can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks ad to get a student visa, you must have a letter of acceptance from Cloud Nine College. If you are coming to Cloud Nine College on a tourist visa (which means you’ll be studying for less than 6 months), you should apply at least two weeks in advance.
The amount of pocket money you’ll need depends on how often you want to go out. Some students spend only $20 dollars a week and other spend $200. If you plan to go to a movie ($8-15), out for dinner ($15-30) or out to a night club ($10-$40), you should budget extra money. Most students require about $100/week.
All Cloud Nine College students must have insurance. You do not have to purchase your insurance through Cloud Nine College. You are more than welcome to purchase insurance from a company in your home country. If you purchase insurance from someone other than Cloud Nine College you must bring proof of your health insurance on your first day of school. Please ensure the card/letter you bring includes your dates of coverage (start date and end date) and your name.

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